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Rod Argent on Keyboards

April 21st, 2008 by Simon

Rod Argent

Well, the saga of the long-awaited album continues. The history of closed studios, lost masters, lost overdubs…[outside parties – nothing to do with the amazing production team of Stu Epps and John Leckie]…was worth the wait.

The keyboard parts Rod has put on so far add a¬†dimension that’s¬†absolutely spot on for the new material, not to mention his enthusiasm and that energy that just flies out of his fingers. Thank you Rod. Roll on the next session.

To hear Rod in action on ‘Place in Time’, check out the Album Samples page.

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  1. Chris

    I’ve heard very little of you’re music, but I’ve liked what I have. It’s hard to get hold of any of your music! Are you planning on putting the new album on iTunes or Amazon? Please do. I really want one of your CDs! Good luck with this album. Chris.

  2. Edith

    Looking foreward to live gig at the ‘MaltshovelTavern’ Northampton on Wednesday 2nd July. ‘Deep’ & ‘Bootleg Bishops’ CDs will be available. The ‘Bullingdon’ Cowley Road,Oxford has a gig on Monday 11th August.

  3. Mick Chesterton

    Can you get Simon (Chas) king of the slide to e-mAIL ME PLEASE
    We met after 31 years in the Stirchley bham Bikers Gig previously at Hull University

  4. Simon

    Chris – looks like it will all be easier to get hold of soon. We’ll be making ‘deep’ available by mail order on our website and are negotiating a deal right now regarding the new album. Thanks for your interest and watch this space!

    Mick – I’m emailing you today!

    Luv Chas [Simon]

  5. Pat

    11/08/08 Oxford
    Watched you tonight-was blown away by drummer,slide, base and the vocalist who dominated the stage. Will definitely come again. Keep rocking!! !

  6. Pat

    Watched tonight was blown away-by all players especially vocalist who dominated the stage. Keep rocking!!!

  7. Justin

    I so much preferred your first comment, detailing the “drummer” etc, and not just the “vocalist”. Geoff’s good but frontpersons get all the credit and so rarely deserve it!
    ~ LoL ~
    Look forward to meeting up at the next gig.
    Cheers, Jus

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