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More Praise for the Blue Bishops

February 4th, 2009 by Simon

‘One of the best kept secrets on the scene’ Blues Matters
‘I’ll have to watch my back’ Robert Cray at the Bishopstock festival
‘One of our top 20 albums of the year’ Blues in Britain on the release of the ‘deep’ album

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  1. Glenn


    Tickets and accommodation booked for the Colyton gig, can you give an idea of what time you’re playing as we’re travelling down from Birmingham and don’t want to be late.

    Also, any updates on the new CD?

    PS limitless supplies of free chocolate available, shout up if you want us to bring some down.



  2. Blue Bishops

    Hi Glenn, think we start 3ish at Colyton and finish by 7. Just finalising cover etc. for new CD and hope to have it available for then. Thanks for your interest. See you then.

  3. Danny Mattin

    Hi Simon,

    Met you at the Malthshovel in Northampton last July. See that you’re gonna be down there in a few weeks? Are you having a keyboard player on the gig, (i might not be Rod or Rabbit who i both know too incidentally), but i do what i can! Would be good to hook up with you guys at some point, i remember discussing it with you last year. Best wishes always, Danny.

  4. Julian Martin-Redman

    I have seen some bands in my time but the Bishops set at Bassingbourn on Sunday was inspiring and exhillerating……comparable with the best ……a great gig for a good cause…..

  5. Blue Bishops

    Love the new CD “In the Red”, particularly Screw, great lyrics! And the Rod Argent / Rabbit Bundrick input. Looking forward to the next gig. Well done Blue Bishops


  6. Edith

    Definitely well worth the wait for such a great album in all aspects! ‘Place in Time’ and ‘These Things Take Time are outstanding. ‘Credit Card’ and ‘The Sea Will Rise’ are so topical. I am proud to have been involved from the very start to the great climax!! Well done to all involved.

  7. Edith

    Great gig at ‘High Barn’ Well attended with an appreciative audience! Both sets really ROCKED

  8. Edith

    Paul Jones radio 2 last night great comments and good PR for the future gigs Rock On!!

  9. Brian

    Red is an excellent album; most enjoyable Geoff! Keep on groovin….lookin forward to your next project.

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