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Jim Rodford 1941-2018

February 5th, 2018 by admin

It’s not often enough that we update our website. So it’s sad that what’s forced me into doing something I should, in this day and age, do very regularly, is the loss of Jim Rodford.  I simply cannot let the passing of such a great friend, man and musician, without saying something on behalf of his former bandmates in The Blue Bishops.

I approach this task with a heavy heart.

I simply can’t believe we have lost our great friend and former band member. One of the finest payers and nicest guys I have ever met. His enthusiasm, encouragement and musical talent have made a huge contribution to The Blue Bishops. And his friendship and humour have been part of the essence of what playing together in a band is all about. This is a very sad time for me and the band and it’s all come as a real shock.  There has been a massive outpouring of love, affection and appreciation across the world, in the press, on TV and over the internet.  Every reference consistently says what a wonderful guy Jim was.  And they’re all true. So there’s not much I can add other than to say, just like everyone else, you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. We miss him and our thoughts go out to his family.

R.I.P. Jim.

Blue Bishops at the BBC 23 May 2011 014

Geoff Grange, Jim Rodford, Justin Hildreth and Simon Burrett . The Blue Bishops at the Crawdaddy.

jim and geoff

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