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Blue Bishops ‘In the Red’ is out now…

December 7th, 2009 by admin

The release of the John Leckie and Stuart Epps produced album , ‘In the Red’ sees the Blue Bishops live backbone energy complemented by a top production team. John and Stuart, having seen the band many times live, set out to capture that distinctive heartbeat that’s been so successful at gigs and bring it out with a clear band signature in the production, allowing each track its own individuality but with a clearly defined Blue Bishop’s style. This is further underlined by the addition of keyboards on a variety of tracks played by welcome guests Rod Argent of the Zombies and John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, of Free – now a long serving member of The Who.

With ten original tracks and three covers delivered with their own special twist, the album marks an important stage in the band’s history. The songwriting covers a broad spectrum from the lighthearted current take on the tough financial times, ‘Credit Card’, to a rocky reflection on the confusing messages of climate change, ‘The Sea will Rise’ and ‘The Black Diamond’, a biographical story of a mining disaster in the North East of England. Underlying all this is a style rooted in rock and rhythm and blues that brings together the influences that come from the musical backgrounds of each individual member as a tight, co-ordinated unit.

The Blue Bishops comprises a bunch of seasoned players who, between them, have worked with household names and global stars galore. They range from Jethro Tull to Joan Armatrading, The Kinks, Thomas Dolby, Blancmange, Bill Wyman, Lene Lovich, Argent, Nina Hagen… The Zombies….and lots more.

This formula means the Blue Bishops music is crafted, exciting, deep-rooted, ballsy and different, with enough early blues and enough late acid rock to turn every gig into an event.

The Line-Up:

  • Geoff Grange – Vocals, Harmonica and Guitar
  • Simon Burrett – Vocals, Slide and Guitar
  • Jim Rodford – Bass guitar, Vocals
  • Justin Hildreth – Drums

The History

The 2nd Blue Bishops album DEEP was well thought of, gaining a highly rated 9/10 review from ‘Blues in Britain’ and nominated as one of the best albums of 2002. It featured ex-Wishbone Ash founder and bassist Martin Turner who played with the band for 9 years in all, and who co-produced the album alongside legendary engineer Mark Tucker. Martin Barre from Jethro Tull made a guest appearance too. At this time in the band’s history Bob Sellins, had the lead guitar slot which he occupied for around 10 years. A role that Geoff and Simon now share between them.

An impromptu live album called “Bootleg”, made up of un-mixed tracks recorded “off the desk” in a series of gigs has been a hot favourite with Blue Bishops fans, in the period between ‘deep’ and the release of ‘In the Red.’

The Music

occupies a space in a genre that has a powerful 60s/70s appeal – but with a new take, with original numbers from experienced performers whose energy and freshness gives an encouraging nudge to all those who packed their own gear away years ago and feel they have to listen to old records to get what they want. Or to a younger audience who just want to see the real deal  – a live, no-nonsense straight down the line band with new and interesting songs to listen to.

15 Responses

  1. Julia Prior

    Having listened to the album “In The Red” several times, it is a brilliant musical achievement. I particulary like “Place in Time”, “Walking in a Hurricane” and “Black Diamond”. The Band are truly gifted musicians and just make the songs come alive. Geoff has an unusually haunting voice which adds an extra quality to the numbers. Thank you for being such a talented band and sharing that talent with the public.

  2. Edith

    Well worth the wait for such a great album. Congratulations to all!!

  3. Mark Worth

    Great to see the band live again last night in Birmingham. The new album is fantastic, well worth the 15 year wait!

  4. Glenn

    Hey Mark Worth! I was at that Brum gig too! You must have been the fat bloke sitting next to me. I reckon we had the best seats in the house.

    Seriously though, kudos to all involved in producing a very impressive album which the world deserves to hear.

    Looking forward to seeing the band play again soon, sorry we couldn’t have brought a bigger crowd this time. Hope the Cropredy gig was better for you.



  5. Edith

    Please would Bernadette Thacker-Pugsley let me have an address to send CD to. tel 07877345776 Thanks

  6. simon

    It’s great to get such positive feedbck at such an early stage in the life of this album. It’s an important moment for us, not just because of the stature of the musicians and production team but because we’ve lived with it. It really does say where we are. We needed a signature. John and Stu saw what it was. Thank you.

  7. Edith

    Definitely worth waiting for such an impressive album. ‘Place in Time’ and ‘These Things Take Time’ are out standing! ‘Credit Card’ and ‘The Sea Will Rise are so topical’ I am proud to have been involved from the very start to the great climax!! Well done to ALL involved.

  8. simon

    Thanks for the encouragement folks. We have to get out there and play this stuff to get the word around. Have a great Christmas. And watch out for a tour in the New Year.

    Luv to ‘y’all.


  9. Richard

    Great gig in St Albans last night. Looking forward to the next one.

  10. Edith

    good to have the album tracks back!!!

  11. Edith

    Listen to a track from ‘In the Red’ on the Paul Jones show BBC Radio 2 Monday 19th July from 7pm

  12. Chris

    I caught the track Black Diamond by sheer chance on Monday evening. It was so good that I was late for my Yoga class. The Album is a must.

  13. Alec

    You can listen to the podcast here:

    It’s only available for 7 days, be quick…

  14. Edith

    loved the track on Paul Jones radio 2 last night looking forward to next gig!!

  15. Edith

    Paul Jones Show BBC Radio 2 June 6th was great. The three tracks played from the Maida Vale live session showed the tip of the iceberg as to the combined talent of the BLUE BISHOPS! Rock On

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